The Farm

Our farm is located in Leicester, NC on 70 acres of family farm land. We are Aaron and Anne Grier. The farm is home to a heard of Red Devon cattle, a Jersey milk cow, a flock of chickens, and several acres of vegetable-growing bottom-land. We strive to produce food that is healthier for all of us raised in a manner easier on the environment.

Our cattle  graze on mixed forage pasture. This is a great diet for ruminating animals and the open pasture lands aid in carbon sequestration.

Our vegetables are raised in soil fed by green manure (plants grown specifically to be reincorporated into the soil)and composted chicken manure. No chemical fertilizers and no synthetic herbicides or insecticides are used EVER. When we spray for disease and insect management all products are approved for use on organic farms.  It is our belief that crop diversity, good soil fertility, and wild borders combine to make an environment perfect for growing healthy vegetables.

We love the lifestyle here on the farm and are truly devoted to producing good food.

Aaron and Anne Grier

Aaron and Anne working portraitAaron is a Buncombe County native whose involvement in agriculture began at the Ramsey Dairy in Fairview after high school. There he made hay, milked cows, repaired fences, and learned that he liked the work. He worked on the farm at Warren Wilson College while attending school there for 3 years. He managed a natural meats farm in Madison County for a few years before meeting and marrying Anne.

Anne grew up in southwest Virginia where, in her early years, her family had a large beef farm. When the family quit farming due to economics, she learned, with encouragement from her parents, how to grow a vegetable garden. After attending Brevard College for 2 years, she started learning about organic agriculture by working on different farms in WNC and western Massachusetts. For several years before meeting Aaron she leased land and sold vegetables at market.

Currently the two, along with their children Addiebelle and Cyril and many seasonal workers are producing diversified vegetable crops on 12 acres of  land in Leicester.  Everything the farm produces is sold at tailgate markets and to restaurants in the Asheville area.

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