First CSA of 2019!

The first share of this year includes: Strawberries!  4 pints of them, 1/2 pound chinese broccoli, 1/4 pound garlic scapes, 1/2 pound spinach, 2 heads of lettuce, 1.25# of red turkey wheat flour, 1.25# of Coroico cornmeal.

The corn and wheat were both grown on our farm last summer and milled by Farm and Sparrow last week.  Both are heritage varieties.  The flour makes great bread, pie dough, biscuits.  The cornmeal is awesome for polenta or cornbread.

Strawberries are picked ripe and need to be eaten or frozen right away.  They will not keep more than 1 day.

Garlic scapes are great used anywhere that you would use garlic.  Their flavor is milder than cured garlic but stronger than onion.  The broccoli is very tender and quick cooking.  Eat the leaves and stems too!  It’s great stir-fried or briefly steamed.  The garlic scapes and broccoli are in the same bag together.

I am going to do a separate post with details related CSA that will hold true throughout the season.  As far as this weeks’ share goes, if you take the berries in the bucket, please return the bucket.  And if you take home a wax box, please return it next week.  If you do not have a large cloth bag to unload your share into, let us know and we will get you one!

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