July 24 or 27 CSA

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1 bunch each of carrots, beets, leeks, barbarella eggplant, a purple and a yellow bell pepper, 2 pounds of cucumber, 1 pint cherry tomato, 4 pounds heirloom slicers.

You will need to weigh out your own tomatoes when you pick up.  Most of the heirlooms have a crack in them.  This is because they are field grown and rain induces cracking and we had 2 and 1/2 inches of rain yesterday.  They will still taste great, just need to be eaten quickly.

The Barbarella eggplant is a new variety to us this year.  It has a nutty flavor, creamy flesh, and is great for stuffing.   Here is a link to a recipe: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a55046/stuffed-eggplant-parm-recipe/


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