September 11 or 14 CSA

Summer crops are slowing down and we are feverishly moving irrigation rigs around the farm to water the fall crops while it is 90! degrees out.  There will be more greens coming in the next couple weeks as well as root crops, broccoli, sweet potatoes.

This weeks’ share;  1 head green bibb and 1 head summer crisp lettuce, 1/2 pound arugula, 1/2 pound aji dulce peppers, 1 pound red torpedo onions, 3 pounds purple viking potatoes, 1/2 pound garlic.

The aji dulce peppers look hot but are not.  Their heat is like black pepper.  The also have an astounding fruity flavor package.  We love them raw in an onion and aji relish on just about anything.  They are great added to a pot of beans, pickled, added to lemonade, in a simple syrup poured over ice cream or cake, or in cocktails.

The onions and potatoes have been stored in our cooler so will keep best for you in the refrigerator too.  The garlic can be stored out of refrigeration.

Purple viking potatoes are white inside and have a sweetness to them.  Try roasting them and serving with arugula pesto on top and a side of aji dulce relish.

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