September 9 or 12 CSA

Share contents this week;

1 pound of turkey red wheat flour (there will be cornmeal for those who are gluten free, just ask), 1&1/2 pound sweet peppers, 1 bunch leeks, 1 bunch turnip greens, 1 bunch radishes, 1/4 pound bird’s beak peppers, 1 bunch basil.

This is probably the last batch of basil for the year.

The turnip greens are from the mild hakurei turnips and are great raw as a salad green or lightly cooked or added to pesto.

The birds beak peppers are packed with fruity flavor, barely spicy, and make a great side mixed with other peppers onions and herbs. They’re good sauteed whole too and served with fish or grits. We haven’t been de-seeding them and the seeds are easy to eat and not bitter. They are great pickled too.

Sweet Pepper and Leek Sauce

de-seed and chop 1&1/2 pounds sweet peppers, cut the leeks into half moons 1/4 inch thick and wash them

In a deep skillet or dutch oven over medium high, heat enough olive oil to cover bottom of the pan. Add the leeks and saute until they start to get translucent. Add the peppers and some salt. Stir and let the two cook together until very soft. You can turn down the heat and put on a lid. When soft enough, puree leeks and peppers and return to a saucepan. Add several basil leaves, freshly ground black pepper, a little crushed red pepper if you like spice and let all this cook over low together for about 30 minutes. When you are about to serve it, add a few tablespoons of heavy cream. We eat this over penne pasta or potato patties.

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