CSA operational information

Hi All! This is information that applies for the entire CSA season.

If you are scheduled for a Wednesday pick-up and need to miss a week, LET US KNOW BY 6am TUESDAYS. For Saturday pick-ups, BY 6am FRIDAY. This way we will harvest the correct amount for the following day.

We will give you credit for 2 missed boxes over the 20 week season. The credit is $25 per week and can be spent during 2021 in $25 increments at either market or the roadside stand. Please no more than 2 missed boxes for credit. OTHER OPTIONS when you know you’re missing a box are: give it to a friend (be sure they know our farm name when they come to market and that they bring a bag with them). Change the pick-up by emailing me in advance. Or you can get double boxes another week. We need clear communication from you in advance of harvest days in order to make logistical changes.

If you miss a box and didn’t know ahead of time that you were going to there are 2 options. We bring all unclaimed shares back to the farm and put them in our walk-in cooler. You can arrange to come to the farm and get your box or we will bring it to the next market and you can get it there.

If the pick-up location you chose stops working for you, let me know and we’ll switch to one that does!

The wax boxes we pack your CSA shares in cost $3 a piece and we can re-use them over and over. Please bring a bag with you to transfer your vegetables into.

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