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Tips for storing your storage vegetables

In opting for the storage box(es) you are receiving: 1/4 bushel of Satina potatoes, 1/8 bushel of Purple Sun potatoes, 1/8 bushel of Red Maria potatoes, 3 pounds of garlic, 5 pounds each of red and yellow onions. All of these foods will keep… Continue Reading “Tips for storing your storage vegetables”

August 24, 2021 post flood

Hey everybody, The flood of last Tuesday left us with very little to sell or pack into CSA shares. There are supposed to be 6 more weeks of the CSA. Our best guess is that it will be at-least 6 weeks until we have… Continue Reading “August 24, 2021 post flood”

August 11 or 14 CSA

Share contents: 6 ears sweet corn, 6 sweet Italian peppers, 2 barbarella heirloom eggplant, 1 pound red onions, 1 bunch gold beets, 1 gallon cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes make great sauce as well as fresh eating. They are also great dried and kept… Continue Reading “August 11 or 14 CSA”

August 4 or 7 CSA

This weeks’ share : 1 pound yellow wax beans, 1 bunch of leeks, 3 pounds of Desiree potatoes, 1 pound of gretel eggplant, 1&1/2 pounds zephyr squash, 1 quart of small roma tomatoes, 1 quart of cherry tomatoes. This weeks’ menu might include a… Continue Reading “August 4 or 7 CSA”

July 28 or 31

Share contents: 1 yellow bell pepper, 2 Globe eggplant, 1 bunch scallions, 2 pounds of cucumbers, 4 zucchini, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 1 pound garden peach tomato, 1 pound pink brandy-wine tomato, 1 pound small roma tomatoes, 2 garlic bulbs. The garlic is cured… Continue Reading “July 28 or 31”