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Gaining Ground Farm news and events

May 27 or 30 CSA

This weeks’ share contains:  2 small heads of lettuce, 1 head of frisee endive, 3/4 pound spinach, 1 bunch of shallot scallions, 1 bunch of garlic scapes, 2# each of Murasaki and Burgundy sweet potatoes, 2 pints of strawberries, 1# Tuxepeno grits. The grits… Continue Reading “May 27 or 30 CSA”

First 2020 CSA share!

When you come to pick-up, please bring a bag or basket of your own to unload your vegetables into. The first share of 2020 includes:  1 pound of “Turkey Red” flour, 3/4 pound kale, 1 small head of lettuce, 3 green garlic, 2 &1/2… Continue Reading “First 2020 CSA share!”

NEW CSA Program!

Our family CSA is filled for the 2020 season.  With help from some dear friends we have launched a new program!   We are calling it We Give A Share Beyond CSA.  Individuals purchase a farm share that allows us to raise food for The… Continue Reading “NEW CSA Program!”

October 9 or12 CSA

The last share of the regular season contains: 1 bunch each of orange and purple carrots, 1 pound broccoli, 2 heads of tom thumb lettuce (tiny), 1 pound gretel eggplant, 1 large red tomato, 4 pounds burgundy sweet potatoes, 2 pounds red onions, 2… Continue Reading “October 9 or12 CSA”

October2 or 5 CSA

2nd to last share of the regular season contains: 1 pound broccoli, 3/4 pound kale, 1 pound Romano beans, 2 kohlrabi, 1 bunch carrots, 1 bunch hakurei turnips, 1 bunch radishes, 2 butternut squash, 2 pounds potatoes, 2 bulbs garlic. We have had a… Continue Reading “October2 or 5 CSA”