August 21 or 24 CSA

Share contents:  1 pound Round of Hungary pimento peppers, 1 pound yellow bell peppers, 3/4 pound okra, 1 pound sweet onion, 2 pounds Nicola potatoes, 1 pint blush plum tomatoes, 1 pint cherry tomatoes.

I know this box is a bit redundant but this is what we have right now.  Peppers peppers peppers!  If you want hot peppers, they are coming in strong now so grab some at market.  The pimentos are very sweet and are good used anywhere you want that flavor.  They lend themselves well to stuffing.  The nicola potatoes are waxy in texture and so make great potato salad or stews and soups where you wan the potato chunks to keep their form.  Blush plum tomatoes are great raw in salads or salsa.  They also cook down quickly if you want them for sauce.

Pepper and Onion Salad from Chez Panisse Vegetables

seed and slice thin some pimento and yellow bell peppers.  Slice a medium sweet onion thin and toss together with the pepper slices, some pitted nicoise or kalamata olives, and a spoonful of capers.

Make a vinaigrette with red wine vinegar and good olive oil, and season with chopped garlic and jalapeno pepper and red pepper flakes.  Taste and season with salt and pepper.  Basil or Italian parsley are great sprinkled over the salad.  This salad should be spicy and robust.  It is great served with lentils and tabouli.

We also enjoy braising the peppers with onion or leek and good olive oil.  When the vegetables are tender, puree them with a little tomato, salt and pepper.  Let it all cook together briefly and serve over pasta or bread.

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