July 22 or 25 CSA

This week:  1/2 pound “Jimmy Nardello” peppers (sweet!), 2 Italian eggplant, 1 garlic, 1 bunch yellow onions, 1 bunch purple carrots, 2 pounds squash / zucchini, 2 suhyo long cucumbers, 1 head romaine, 1 head summer crisp, 1 pound tomatillos and 1 jalapeno.

The peppers look hot but they are a very sweet Italian heirloom frying pepper.  Use them anywhere you like to have sweet peppers.  They are especially good sauteed with onions and eaten as a side with eggs, beef, or grilled vegetables.

The tomatillos make a great salsa when roasted with onions and garlic, then pureed. Add some fresh onion, a jalapeno, and lime juice and  salt and enjoy!

Tomatoes are coming!  You will get them in your box next week as well as green beans and yellow wax beans.

I hope you have a great week!

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