July 29 or August 1 CSA

Share contents:

1 bunch basil, 1 pint cherry tomatoes, 2 pounds sauce tomatoes, 2 pounds Baltic Rose potatoes, 1 bunch onions, 1 pound yellow wax beans, 1 head of romaine, 4 cucumbers, 1 purple bell and 1 Carmen sweet pepper.

Your tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and basil are not in the box.  You’ll weigh out your own tomatoes, grab a pint of cherries and a bunch of basil in addition to the contents of 1 box per share.

You can make a great summer salad of blanched wax beans, halved cherry tomatoes, and a basil- red wine vinaigrette.

The sauce tomatoes cook into a lovely sauce but they are also good for fresh eating.


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