August 24, 2021 post flood

Hey everybody,

The flood of last Tuesday left us with very little to sell or pack into CSA shares. There are supposed to be 6 more weeks of the CSA. Our best guess is that it will be at-least 6 weeks until we have anything but storage crops to sell / put into CSA shares. Instead of putting the CSA off for an undetermined amount of time we have thought of a few options from which you can choose one and let us know. If you choose the storage box, they will be ready to pick up at the North Asheville market on September 11. We need to hear back from you by September 1st. We will not be back at RAD market for at-least 4 weeks. We will continue to do the North Asheville market with storage crops and eventually other things as well so that is where you can spend market credit if that is what you choose.

Here are the options:

  1. $100 market credit to be spent in 2021 and a $50 gift certificate to Rhubarb.
  2. A storage vegetable box that will contain potatoes, onions, and garlic AND a $50 gift certificate to Rhubarb. If properly stored, these could last you until the end of this year.
  3. You are happy to call it a year with the 14 shares you’ve already gotten.

Until last Tuesday it has been a great growing year for us and we hope you enjoyed the CSA. We appreciate your support and truly enjoy growing vegetables for you.

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