Tips for storing your storage vegetables

In opting for the storage box(es) you are receiving:

1/4 bushel of Satina potatoes, 1/8 bushel of Purple Sun potatoes, 1/8 bushel of Red Maria potatoes, 3 pounds of garlic, 5 pounds each of red and yellow onions.

All of these foods will keep best in cool, dry and dark locations. They will keep best separate from one another (as in not in the same box or bag). This is because they give off gases that ripen each other faster and lead to spoiling. They need to be kept where they are ventilated somewhat , so not in plastic bags! We did not wash the potatoes on purpose because they keep better unwashed. Just wash as you use them.

All of the potato varieties are great for roasting, mashing, soup. They retain all of their vitamin C in their skins so do eat the skin. The purple sun have a huge amount of antioxidants in their purple skin. In our experience the Red Maria keep the longest. To store potatoes, choose a cool, dark and dry spot NOT with the onions. If you have a basement that is a good spot. We keep them in a wooden box in our pantry. Optimal storage temperature is below 50 degrees but above freezing. If they start to sprout you know they are too warm. You can still eat them once they sprout, just knock of the sprout.

The onions and garlic will keep well under the same conditions as potatoes but separated by a few boxes of crackers or in a different cabinet. If they start to sprout it is a sign that they need to be eaten soon. I do keep a couple onions in my kitchen window to sprout on purpose and use the sprouts for green onions. Both of these onion varieties are on the pungent side and because they have less sugar in them, will keep longer. They are both great for cooking with and on the strong side for raw use.

Thank you for your flexibility and understanding in the aftermath of this flood. The vulnerability we feel is lessened by the amazing outpouring of support from our community. Thank you thank you.

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