BOX # 3, 2022

Share contents: 1 bunch of scallions, 1 bunch of garlic scapes, 1 kohlrabi, 2 heads of bibb lettuce, 1/2 pound of spinach, 1 pound of gailan (branching) broccoli, 1 quart of berries.

Well, we got much-needed rain. Lots of it. 5 inches.

It is mostly a good thing but it was hard on the strawberries. You’ll need to eat or freeze these right away because we picked them wet.

Eat all the broccoli; leaves, stalks, tops. It’s all tender. We love braising it and adding it to cannellini beans with parmesan and crushed red pepper.

We also love kohlrabi, peeled and diced with chopped scallions, parsley or cilantro, salt, olive oil, and lime or lemon juice as a side salad or a taco topping.

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