July 15 or 18 CSA

Share contents this week:

1 bunch sweet onions, 1 head of cabbage, 1 bunch dill seed, 1&1/2# cucumbers, 1 pint okra, 1 pint baby squashes, 2 zucchini, 1 quart fingerling potatoes.

The sweet onions are best used raw in salads, salsa, in sandwiches. Their flavor disappears under much cooking.

Aaron prepared the best okra we’ve ever eaten at home this week. He heated a pizza stone in a hot oven, cut the okra in half lengthwise and tossed with oil, salt, and pepper, scattered it on the hot stone and roasted until crispy. The baby squashes are good this way too.

The fingerlings are “new” meaning their skins aren’t very thick yet so they don’t keep long. Store them in your fridge and for best enjoyment, eat within the week.

The cabbage and cucumbers will make a good pickle combo with the dill seed.

July 8 or 11 CSA

This weeks’ share contains:  1 bunch red beets, 1 bunch red onions, 1 head each of red bibb and green romaine lettuce, 3 garlic bulbs, 3/4 pound basil, 4 zephyr squash, 1&1/2 pounds cucumbers, 1 bunch Italian parsley.

It’s pesto making time!  Often our basil succumbs to disease just as the tomatoes start to ripen.  It looks beautiful now so we thought we’d put a big batch in this week for you to make enough to get you thru.

I make a simple pesto of parsley and basil, lots of garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil.  That’s it!  Then when I’m using it I add nuts and cheese if we want them.  You can store pesto in a jar in your refrigerator for months if you keep a layer of olive oil over the top of the pesto.  It also freezes well.

We’ve been enjoying eating our beets and beet greens together.  They need to be cooked separately but then combined at the end.  I’ll attach a recipe here.


It is moving into hot weather and the eggplant, peppers, okra and tomatoes are about to start ripening.  We will have sauce tomatoes available in bulk in late July. If you are interested in canning or freezing some, let me know.  I’ll keep you all posted as they become ripe.

Next week will include carrots, cucumbers, potatoes as well as other yummy vegetables!

June 17 or 20 CSA

share contents:  1 head of napa cabbage, 1 bunch scallions, 1 garlic, 3/4 pound kale, 1/2 pound spinach, 1 bunch Italian parsley, 1 bunch basil (in a pint container), 2 pounds of new potatoes.

You can make a pesto of parsley, basil and garlic to eat over roasted new potatoes.  You can make a lovely salad of spinach and scallions with red wine vinaigrette.

Napa cabbage makes great slaw and kim-chi.  It is also delicious cooked slowly in a dutch oven with a piece of parmesan rind and onion.  Or roasted.

roasted cabbage with parmesan
Author: The Culinary Chase
Recipe type: vegetarian
Serves: 4
  • half cabbage
  • extra-virgin olive oil
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • ½ cup grated Parmesan cheese (add more if you like)
  1. Preheat oven to 375f (190c). Cut cabbage into one-inch wedges and place on baking sheet. Drizzle olive oil over each slice. Scatter grated cheese and top with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Roast in the oven for 30 minutes or until cabbage is al dente. To achieve a golden brown top, turn the broiler on and cook for another one to two minutes.
  2. The Culinary Chase’s Note: You can also slice the cabbage into one-inch rings. Next time, try wrapping each slice in bacon. Enjoy!

June 10 or 13 CSA

img_6095Take a page out of Cyril’s book and peel all your green garlic this week and pickle it with equal parts cider vinegar and water, salt, mustard seed, bay leaf, coriander.

Share this week contains:  2 purple kohlrabi, 1 bunch dill, 1 bunch red scallions, 1 bulb fennel, 1 head red bibb lettuce, 1 head romaine, 1 bunch rainbow chard, 2 heads green garlic, 2 pints strawberries.

Kohlrabi and Fennel Slaw

Peel and cut kohlrabi into matchsticks, slice the fennel bulb as thinly as possible from the root end to the base of the leaves.  Combine kohlrabi and fennel in a mixing bowl.  Thinly slice 1-3 scallions from root end all the way up the greens.  Chop finely about half your dill bunch.  Add scallions and dill to the bowl.  Make a dressing of 2 tablespoons plain yogurt, 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon ume boshi vinegar (or some salt), 1-2 tablespoons oil, black pepper to taste.  Pour dressing over the vegetables and toss.  Let sit 20 minutes before serving.

You can use the tops of the fennel in a soup stock, as a bed to bake a fish or chicken on, in your next batch of ferments.

The green garlic now has fully formed cloves and can be easily peeled for use anywhere you want garlic.

We will start harvesting new potatoes and summer squash next week.  Baby beets and cucumbers are coming soon!

June 3 or 6 CSA

share contents:  1 head of green bibb lettuce, 1 small head red bibb, 1 bag of spinach, 1 kohlrabi, 1 bunch of garlic scapes, 4 pounds of orange sweet potatoes, strawberries.

Kohlrabi is a mild, sweet, crunchy member of the brassica family, tasting somewhat like cabbage.  We peel it and cut in matchsticks and add to salad.  The greens are good cooked as well.

The garlic scapes and spinach combine to make a good pesto slathered on roasted sweet potatoes.

I hope you all are weathering the challenges of current times well,